Yet Something Woke Me

It wasn’t my alarm but..

It wasn’t my alarm but something woke me a half hour after I was supposed to wake me.  Yet something woke me.  Today I woke without the feeling of gratitude.  I woke with frustration. Some in my profession stubbornly close their eyes to our ability to influence the immune system.  I was frustrated that there isn’t a line down the street at  all Chiropractic offices. The line with people 6 feet apart waiting to make sure their Neuro-Immune  systems were working at their best. Instead I was thinking of the people in the line for toilet paper. My morning didn’t get any better when I forgot to put coffee grounds in and poured plain hot water out into my cup. 

That Special Something Smacked Me

On my drive out to the office, special something reached out to smack me up the side of the head.  I turned on my radio as I drove away from my house.  WGNA radio station was interviewing a grocery worker.  She was telling of how early one day someone had brought up more items of toilet paper than the limit to buy.  When reminded that they couldn’t buy that many, the customer told her, “Make sure someone who really needs it gets it”.  The grocer put it under her checkout counter then forgot it was there until later in the day.   Another customer came in who mentioned they had been looking for toilet paper for 10 days but every time they came in the store was out.  The customer looked up at the grocer and must have noticed something in her face.  She said, “You aren’t going to make me cry are you”, as the grocer pulled the package of paper out from under the checkout counter. At this moment of her story I drove out of the forest.

I drove out of the wooded lot to see a fog frozen field.  The low fog disappeared a few yards into the field.  Every small tree, bush and blade of grass was  painted silver.  The low angle of the sun kissed off into my eyes with dapples of light.  My whole body shivered in gratitude and my skin was covered head to toe in bumps.

Renewed and Grateful, I know what I can do

I arrived at my office a Chiropractor with a renewed sense of gratitude to be able to serve those who are coming today.  That Something Special had reminded me, I can help my patients be at their best every day and especially today.  I accepted that there will be those who will have a fear greater than the belief that I can safely help them, but I still love them.  Even thought there will always be doubters, I am ready for my office to be an oasis of healing and a place outside the time and world of fear.   I know what I can do.   Thank you God.  

The grocer who made the effort to give out that paper, made another effort to tell that story.  What can you do? 

Be Healthy Be the Best You

Dr. Bryan Ludwig, Progressive Chiropractic Cobleskill NY 12043

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