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Vertigo can literally turn your life upside down in Cobleskill or anywhere else for that matter. It is a condition marked by dizziness and living with it makes even the simplest functions of day to day living a struggle. Many times it is tough to get information about what exactly is causing your vertigo, as well as what the best available treatments are. Read on to understand the common causes of Vertigo as well as explain how chiropractic treatment can help you to find relief.

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Often if you have vertigo you can relate to the patient who says, “ I know it looks like it but I swear I haven’t been drinking.” Now there are two different kinds of dizziness often assumed to be Vertigo. Some people say that they feel dizzy when they actually mean that they feel like they are going to pass out or faint. Others say they feel dizzy when they perceive objects around them spinning and moving. Vertigo is a medical term that is used to describe this spinning. The two types of dizziness each has a different set of causes and appropriate treatments.

Some of the symptoms of vertigo that commonly accompany dizziness are:


Causes of Vertigo

Some of the symptoms of vertigo that commonly accompany dizziness are:

Vertigo commonly starts with issues involving the head, inner ear and spine. These areas play an important role in how the body orients itself and maintains balance. Vertigo commonly results from a disruption in the signals sent from the nerves of the spine to the brain. When signals to the brain that would normally keep us balanced become distorted and scrambled symptoms of dizziness and ringing of the ears can occur can occur.

Chiropractic Treatment for Vertigo

Chiropractic treatment is a gentle and safe approach to overcoming many of the causes of Vertigo. A chiropractic treatment begins with a precise evaluation that will determine the exact cause of your vertigo and if, where and how adjustments should be applied. Many people find that the adjustments they receive from their chiropractor are all that it takes to improve how the brain works enough for their vertigo to go away. Call today to consult with a chiropractor in Cobleskill today on how you can find relief from your vertigo.


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