The Golden Years or the Rusty Years

Turning Rust into Gold

One of our patients is a wonderful senior woman in her 80’s from the town of Summit.  She always makes us laugh.  Several years ago she said something very profound.  “I thought these were supposed to be the golden years, they are more like the rusty years.  Ok Boney Fingers, (that is what she calls the doctor) get to work.”

We are grateful for the chance to help shake off some of her rust.  The rust has accumulated on her spine and nervous system from many years without chiropractic care.  You see we have this ability to make new parts, heal and repair at any age.  Of course it is best to not let things go to long.  There are limits to how fast you can replace your parts.  It isn’t like going to your mechanic and that same day you have a new starter or brakes.

The longer you have let things go, the more stresses are building up.  This build up can be either known or unknown to you.  The longer you have had time to make new body parts in a less than optimal situation with your brain doing the best it can with less, the more time it will take to reverse the process, to turn rust into gold.

You see J, lets just call her J.  J knows that she is not perfect even after going through our brain, nerve, and structural restoration process.  She also knows that she would be a whole lot worse if she hadn’t come in for help.  She knows she has to keep the rust at bay and still come in to be the best she can be at this moment.  Now if you are not in your retirement years yet, think about what you can do NOW to prevent the gold from turning into rust.  Can you take good care of yourself now, so you can enjoy life and your body more now as well as more later on?

Hope Springs

Alright you say, tell me alchemist how can you turn rust into gold.  Well I will tell you how you can turn your own rust into gold.  Science has now proven that you can alter what part of your genetics are used by improving what you do and how you take care of your self daily.  Look for more about epigenetics in a future blog.  The journal Complementary Therapies has reported how patients under Chiropractic care were hospitalized 59% less often and spent 85% less on medications.  I would say those people shook off, or converted rust to gold.

So it is better to prevent your rust before your later years just like saving money for your retirement.  But if you find yourself binding up, slowing down, healing slow then shake off some rust by: asking for an appointment with us, taking a walk, breathing deep and loving kindly.

Thank you for stopping by.

Dr. Bryan Ludwig

Owner, Progressive Chiropractic – We test, not guess.

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