Check Out Our Many Satisfied Chiropractic Patients

My youngest son has asthma and when he first started with Dr. Bryan his peak flow was 185. Since then they are 250 and higher. He no longer needs his steroids. My middle son was having multiple ear infections and I knew it wasn’t because he wasn’t eating antibiotics every day. My husband doesn’t like to see doctors and was having a hard time walking and standing straight. We have all noticed a dramatic improvement. As a family our every day life is better now. We have fewer colds. When we do get sick we get over it much quicker. Chiropractic has really changed our life. I know I can trust Dr. Bryan. Go see Dr. Bryan; you will be amazed at the results
Renee W & family
If all else fails! I needed to have something more than Pain Pills and when I heard Dr. Ludwig give a talk of what he could do, I made the decision to get help. I had back pain and couldn't stand straight for years. My hips and knees hurt and I was very Limpy. I couldn't do much at a time without sitting and resting my back. Now I can do more and for a longer time. I walk straighter. I don't have pain, but my back gets tired and weak towards evening. In the future I see myself being able to be more normal and walk better. Being able to enjoy my four granddaughters and going on trips with my daughter. I was 69 when I started and will turn 70 in four months. A lot of changes are being noticed now.
Joan Winchell
In October 2010, I was suffering from intense back pain. I was worried I would have to give up a job I loved. A friend recommended Dr. Ludwig to me. I started seeing him for treatment. Each week I noticed more and more improvements. As I grow stronger, and continue healing, I look forward to many great things. Thankyou Dr, Ludwig, Madge, and my good friend.
Mildred Raggi
I attended a Schoharie County ARC health fair and learned about Progressive Chiropractic. I would get sick several times a year and had multiple ear infections. Occasionally, I had lowerback pain. Since starting under chiropractic care, I haven't gotten sick, and I have had zero ear infections. I've had no back pain. Hopefully, continuing under chiropractic care, I will keep my back healthy and continue to help keep my ear infections away. It's been over a year since I started coming to Progressive Chiropractic and I was 34 years old at the time.
Mike Lawyer
I have been helped with the ringing in ears, my husband with his hip and back pain.
Joan and John Napoli
I started care in 1998 for my back. Now I bring in my 7 month daughter. She sleeps through the night and has never had health issues.
Tyler and Hayden
I have fewer headaches, and Clarke's elbow is better. The girls have been adjusted since they were infants and will continue to get adjusted to keep them healthy.
Gretchen Roberson - Shyanne, Kayla
"I Should've Come Ten Years Ago" I came to Dr. Ludwig for severe back pain which caused me the inability to work or ride. Before coming, I had a hard time just even getting out of bed. After seeing Dr. Ludwig I am fully able to work. My riding is beginning to advance more quickly. I sleep, breathe and function better. I am calm. Chiropractic will be part of my life for years to come, helping me to keep active, functional and healthy. I am 32 and have been coming for three months. I should've come ten years ago!
Faye Benedict
"It's nice to come into an office where there is so much personal interaction. As soon as I came in I felt like there was a concern for my health immediately. In other offices, it was just an "in-and-out" jerk you around experience with no exams. It was awesome to see the progress I was making through the exams. Seeing that changes were happening is very reassuring."
When I was 12, I played in a soccer tournament and fractured my T12, and got misdiagnosed with muscle spasms. I went on for a year and a half until I couldn't get out of bed, then I found out that my back was broken. I have been in Dr. Ludwig's office for 3 months. Since I started coming here things have gotten better and I can do things better. I am no longer the 12 year old who can't move.
Chiropractic helped with ringing in my ears, my right hip and chronic back pain.
John & Joan
I have been coming for a few days short of a month and already have felt and seen a difference. My back and neck pain have improved along with my posture.
Connor has been receiving chiropractic care for about a month now and I have seen amazing improvements happen. To name a few, Connor has a lazy eye and since starting care Connor's eye isn't so lazy and is much more focused. Before starting care, Connor would also push away from his dad for a hug, now he doesn't push away as much or as fast. Connor's sensory issues are improving, he is learning to adapt to new environments quicker. I know continuing Connor's care is a must and that he will only continue to improve.
Chiropractic has exceeded my expectations. I didn't believe at first that I could be healed, but here I am in much better condition and a lot less pain.

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Check Out Our Many Satisfied Chiropractic Patients

"Before coming to see the chiropractor I had seen several doctors and multiple dentists for ten years. The pain killers I was on made my head feel like I was in a fog. After coming to see Dr. Bryan I recovered quickly from my headaches, numbness, and tingling. Every day things like sleeping, and eating became normal again. After seeing my improvement I wanted to involve my whole family."
"Chiropractic Allows Me To Keep Active.

I first started attending Ludwig Chiropractic a few years ago. I sought out care with a desire to live a better life and feel better in the various activities that I do like running, hunting, fishing, trapping, carpentry, exterminating and farming among others. Chiropractic has helped me to have less pain and in general has left me feeling better with more movement.

I keep coming back because the quality of care I receive, the professional service and great staff."

Earl VanWormer, III

"I have a 4:30 Goal. My initial reason for seeking Dr. Ludwig's care was to set my spine and the rest of my body right after competing in running and other daily stresses. By visiting him once every other week I am able to improve my running ability. Dr. Ludwig will hopefully help me achieve my goal of running a 4:30 mile by fixing my body and also be prescribing how to rest and take care of my body in order to accomplish this goal."

"I initially sought out chiropractic care because I was in a car accident and I noticed I had a great deal of pain and discomfort after. Being under chiropractic care has greatly decreased my level of pain and discomfort, while greatly increasing my level of energy. My family has also noticed an improvement in my general mood. What keeps me coming back to Progressive Chiropractic? The improvements I've made, the people and my desire to stay healthy. I will continue care to ensure my progress is protected."


"I first started care in April of 2013. As a disabled Veteran, I was experiencing chronic low back pain due to a service connected injury. The conventional pain management care that I received from my primary care physician was not working for me. Then I found Progressive Chiropractic. This chiropractic care has helped my overall wellness. I find I have more energy, I can sleep better and I feel that my overall health has improved because of it.

I come back because I continue to see improvement with my chronic pain and I am happy with the top notch and professional care I receive from Doc Bryan and all the caring staff at Progressive Chiropractic."

"I see that there is a lot more personal interaction in this office, and it has not just been on a patient level but on a treatment level as well. Making adjustments to benefit the patients so they can make progress is a big thing. I've never been in a chiropractic office that has used technology on the level that Dr. Ludwig does to improve your condition and show you where your progress is. I would continue my treatments because it improves my skills when it comes to gardening."

Joan Scotti

I can do all my walking without taking breaks and without pain. I am able to walk a lot further, too.


"I had been seeing a chiropractor before I moved to this area. However, upon first moving I didn't put the effort into transitioning to a new practice. When I was several months pregnant I started to notice many shifts in my body's balance including sciatic discomfort. Dr. Ludwig was able to assess my current needs and help my body transition throughout pregnancy with little to no pain. You have been wonderful and supportive to every facet of wellness! Thanks!"



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