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Before coming to see the chiropractor I had seen several doctors and multiple dentists for ten years. The pain killers I was on made my head feel like I was in a fog. After coming to see Dr. Bryan I recovered quickly from my headaches, numbness, and tingling. Every day things like sleeping, and eating became normal again. After seeing my improvement I wanted to involve my whole family. My youngest son has asthma and when he first started with Dr. Bryan his peak flow was 185. Since then they are 250 and higher. He no longer needs his steroids. My middle son was having multiple ear infections and I knew it wasn’t because he wasn’t eating antibiotics every day. My husband doesn’t like to see doctors and was having a hard time walking and standing straight. We have all noticed a dramatic improvement. As a family our every day life is better now. We have fewer colds. When we do get sick we get over it much quicker. Chiropractic has really changed our life. I know I can trust Dr. Bryan.

Go see Dr. Bryan; you will be amazed at the results.

-Renee W & family

In October 2010, I was suffering from intense back pain. I was worried I would have to give up a job I loved. A friend recommended Dr. Ludwig to me. I started seeing him for treatment. Each week I noticed more and more improvements. As I grow stronger, and continue healing, I look forward to many great things.

Thank you Dr. Ludwig, Madge, and my good friend.

-Mildred Raggi


I attended a Schoharie County ARC health fair and learned about Progressive Chiropractic. I would get sick several times a year and had multiple ear infections. Occasionally, I had lowerback pain. Since starting under chiropractic care, I haven't gotten sick, and I have had zero ear infections. I've had no back pain.

Hopefully, continuing under chiropractic care, I will keep my back healthy and continue to help keep my ear infections away. It's been over a year since I started coming to Progressive Chiropractic and I was 34 years old at the time.

-Mike Lawyer

If all else fails! I needed to have something more than Pain Pills and when I heard Dr. Ludwig give a talk of what he could do, I made the decision to get help. I had back pain and couldn't stand straight for years. My hips and knees hurt and I was very Limpy. I couldn't do much at a time without sitting and resting my back. Now I can do more and for a longer time. I walk straighter. I don't have pain, but my back gets tired and weak towards evening. In the future I see myself being able to be more normal and walk better. Being able to enjoy my four granddaughters and going on trips with my daughter. I was 69 when I started and will turn 70 in four months. A lot of changes are being noticed now.

- Joan Winchell


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