My Doc Says Don’t

Don’t Touch My Neck

Don’t let your Chiropractor touch your neck.  Now that is a big one.  Here are some more examples from the Progressive Chiropractic vault.  Let’s see, there was a big rig driver who had migraines so bad that he couldn’t see.  The big rig driver operator still drives but you can feel safer.  He can see fine now.  A man was hit by a car while riding a bicycle.  This man’s seizures went from once a week to seven times a day after being hit.  This man was unable to legally drive and lost his job rolling pavement.  He hasn’t had a seizure in a week and will continue to heal.  A young man in his last year of high school wanted to join the military.  He was going to be rejected because the medications for his panic attacks made him ineligible.  This young man was accepted into the military without panic attacks. A child was unable to be touched without screaming.  He now gives hugs and told his dad he loves him. A woman who had migraines and pain into her eye was told by her chiropractor that the neck nerves did not connect to her eye and they couldn’t help her.  She now lives migraine and pain free.

All of these people were helped because tests showed they had a neck vertebrae shifted affecting their brain, a subluxation.  All of these people were helped by Chiropractic adjustments to the vertebrae in their neck.

Well Meaning but Wrong

So many times in my decades of practice I have run across patients with well meaning doctors and friends.  These doctors and friends might have kept my patients from getting the help they needed.  Luckily for these patients, they consulted with us before making a decision.

Here are some more examples of those patients.  A woman who’s chiropractor told her never to have her lower back adjusted manually.  This woman can now run half marathons again.  A patient who had her L4 fractured into hundreds of pieces due to a seat belt failure.  Some schools teach that fractures keep you from being seen and any work from being done by a Chiropractor.  This woman went from a wheel chair to double walking canes.

Wow and How

How are all these healing stories possible?  Are they miracles?  First for these people to have their life altered, they and their Chiropractor had to know that all living people can heal.  Then they had to be tested to see if their brain was blocked from healing their body.  Those tests also had to be done to see if the Chiropractic adjustment could be safely done, where it needed to be done and how it needed to be done.  Then these lucky patients had to protect their brain connection over time, giving them a chance to repair cell by cell.

How Do I know If I Can be Helped

The only one who will know if a Chiropractor can help you is a good Chiropractor.  These Chiropractors understand the bodies healing systems.  These Chiropractors have systems and tests to know if they can help you, and how much they can help you.  Good Chiropractors know that it takes time once you have your ability to heal restored.

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Dr. Bryan Ludwig

Owner, Progressive Chiropractic – We test, not guess.

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