I Put People in the Hospital

Today I remembered why I am a Chiropractor. 

Today I also learned of a doc that told a patient that I put people in the hospital.  Today I learned this doc tells his patients that they should only see a chiropractor a few times and never on a weekly preventative basis.  Today I learned this doc tells his patients to see any chiropractor other than me.

Normally this would not bother me.  There are many Doctors and other practitioners who send their patients to me to help.  But the fact that it may prevent people from seeking my care really hurt. This is the very reason I wrote Doc Says Don’t.  Despite learning this, I had an amazing day helping a young man who happens to have a sensory processing disorder make sure his brain/ cerebellum is processing at its best capacity.  I helped a senior to reach closer to her potential, to stand straighter and taller and the best thing she tells me is that she is less depressed.  I helped many others to be at their best today.

Get Along – Kenny Chesney

Get along, on down the road
We’ve got a long long way to go
Scared to live, scared to die
We ain’t perfect but we try

Get along while we can
Always give love the upper hand
Paint a wall, learn to dance
Call your mom, buy a boat
Drink a beer, sing a song
Make a friend, can’t we all get along

Ask me for the Proof

In this day when there is an epidemic of people getting addicted to opioids then converting to street heroin.  There is another way.  There are actually many different ways.  Many of those ways are even not through Chiropractic but I will speak to what I know best.  I get better results by doing those things some people misunderstand. It has been proven that regular chiropractic care over many months and years like I promote KEEPS people out of the hospital.  Ask me for the proof if you want.  I will send the research study to you.

Flashing lights of the ambulance

It is true though I have sent people to the hospital.  In the 22 years I have been practicing chiropractic some of my patients came to trust me more than the medical field.  I estimate about 5 times I have sent people to the hospital.  The patients came to me instead of going to medical doctor or to the emergency room.  In my first year out of chiropractic school I am in my office. This older patient comes in with back and chest pain.  I am young, enthusiastic and full of the spirit to save the world.  I take this patient back and assess for a nerve disconnect that could explain his problems.  I also check to see if there is anything that looks like a medical emergency.  I get this realization that Oh, Crap it looks like this guy MAY be having a heart attack. Oh crap, I really don’t need an ambulance outside my office, what will people think.  Looking back I am grateful that this patient came to me and I found someone to help.  Even though that someone was not me. 

Game On

There was a woman who I thought could have been having a heart attack. (The EMT’s came by ambulance to assess her in the office. They felt that she was having a panic attack, but she wanted to go the hospital anyway.)  OK, a panic attack, game on.  This was now back in my court.  If she had an upper neck Subluxation that will make big negative changes to the brain.  If she was found to have these Subluxations then adjustments would help her to adapt to the stresses in her life and be less likely to have panic attacks.  I helped a young man with just this problem, panic attacks.  You know the kind.  Your heart races, struggle to take a breath, something big bad and ugly is coming to get you- But it is NOT really not coming to get you.  This young man was coming out of high school and wanted to begin a career in the military. Only the medications used to control his attacks made him ineligible for the military.  Long story shortened, he got what he wanted.  He was able to have proper brain processing restored by specific targeted Chiropractic adjustments to his upper neck.  Only after finding a Subluxation in his upper neck could he be a candidate for those adjustments.  This changed how his brain stem worked.  He stopped getting panic attacks and got the career he wanted. 

A Broken Neck

Also in my first year of practice, I had a middle aged man from Jefferson who spoke Portuguese come to see me.  His wife said he had pain in his neck after falling down the basement stairs.  The reason I say it like that, is because I and this patient had no idea what the other was saying.  Now I had Spanish in school but I remember more Spanish from watching soccer games than from my high school class, GGOOOOAAALLLL.  Even then Spanish and Portuguese are not the same.  Every test I did to check his neck did not appear to hurt him.  I pushed down on his neck, I had him turn and twist his neck.  I turned his neck.  Nothing changed his facial expressions.  I so wanted to help this man BUT my gut said WHOA!!  I sent him up the hill to the x-ray department of Bassett hospital for x-rays.  The radiology department calls me to say they are having trouble seeing all of his neck and do I want to see a CT scan.  I looked at the x-rays and one part of the top neck bone, his Atlas, was way out under his ear and the other wasn’t.  You couldn’t see the rest of his Atlas.  But he doesn’t have insurance do I really want to have the CT done.  Good thing he had the CT and good thing I didn’t adjustment him.  His Atlas was in five or more pieces.  He was shipped out to Cooperstown for surgery and I never saw the guy again.

I can remember another man from Fultonville.  He was an older senior and had very poor health.  I knew I could help him by improving how his brain and nervous system connected to his body.  I even made some home visits because he couldn’t drive.  One of the times he came to the office he had trouble breathing and kept hacking up phlegm.  I knew in my heart that adjustments to his spine, if I found a Subluxation, would make his immune system to work closer to normal. I also knew that he had filled half a small garbage can with tissues and the stuff he was hacking up.  He needed emergency medical care.  I did the appropriate thing which was to send him to the hospital. 

If needed I send them by the flashing lights of an ambulance parked outside my office.

I Think Most People are Good

I think that Chiropractors and Doctors truly want what is best for their patients.  We just help people in different ways.  What we have in common is that we want to help people.  Earlier in this story I told you I helped a young man with a sensory processing disorder.  I talked to his Mom about what I was writing.  Taking to her made me think of a couple of songs.  Life does that to me sometimes.  I get these flashes of song, picture or a great idea.  This time it was Get Along and Most People are Good

Most People are Good – Luke Bryan 

I believe most people are good
And most mama’s oughta qualify for sainthood
I believe most Friday nights look better under neon or stadium lights
I believe you love who you love
Ain’t nothing you should ever be ashamed of
I believe this world ain’t half as bad as it looks
I believe most people are good

I believe most people are good
I believe most people are good

Today I remembered why I am a Chiropractor.

P.S. Thank you Dr. Adrienne Lara for your inspiration and message ALWAYS GIVE LOVE THE UPPER HAND.  Oh, Dr. Lara, the fact that you are Harvard trained did not shew me off.

Thank you for stopping by.

Dr. Bryan Ludwig

Owner, Progressive Chiropractic – We test, not guess.

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