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Mom’s Hope -Can you help my son? 

When he was two, Connor was diagnosed with autism.  Most of the early pictures I saw of him showed his hands over his ears.  Connor could not stand to be touched, loud noises, or anything new. It sounded like his brain was having trouble dealing with any new stimulus or information.  It wasn’t until he was four that we met Connor. He began by visiting the office to get accustomed to the smells, sounds, and the people long before he had an exam to test if I could help him.

The day of the scan Connor was calm and friendly until he saw the Thermal scanner used to see how his autonomic nervous system works.  Think of the autonomic nervous system as the part that makes everything work without you thinking about it. Of course just the act of his shirt coming off and getting stuck on his ears set him off into fear.  Even with having his trust it still took 45 minutes to do a 30 second scan. The scan along with his behavior confirmed that he was stuck in an overly stimulated fight or flight state. The scan confirmed that his Atlas was Subluxated and needed Chiropractic care.

His Dad brought me to tears

I teach a class called the Owner’s Manual to Your Body that is open to the public. Most new families come to the workshop.  Because it is an interactive learning experience, it is different every time. People have sudden realizations, and make connections of things they already knew in different ways.  Sometimes the unexpected happens and that is what happened when Connor’s family came to the workshop. I asked the family if they would like to share anything. What his Dad shared with the room was the first time I was hearing it.  Remember Connor couldn’t stand to be touched and he didn’t speak. When I heard that Connor had given his father his first hug ever and told him that he loved himI was overcome with joy and emotion. I knew I was helping him but this was the beginning of many changes. We have a huge capacity for health and healing, more than anyone in this day and age can understand.

26 and singing ABC’s on my lap

t this point in the story we are only a couple months into care and Connor still has trouble being touched.  His pre chiropractic adjustment assessment has to take less than a minute and the routine has to be exactly the same.  For the better part of two years, every time he came to get checked we would sing together the ABC song while he sat on my lap.  That is all the time I would have to check him. I had this vision of myself in 20 years, a 70 year old with a 26 year old on my lap singing the ABC song.

Be ready for the new Connor

In the last couple years Connors brain had continued to develop with the support of Chiropractic care.  His parents have reported the neurologist told them he tests out with very little autistic indicators now and instead changed to having OCD/ADHD  indicators. He lays down on the chiropractic table when it is his turn. Jenn, the office assistant wanted to share that no matter what kind of day she is having, when Connor comes in with his family he always makes me smile.  He is so happy to see us and loves coming for his check for an adjustment.  Connor was not speaking and didn’t like to be touched before starting care but now he talks to everyone in the office. He introduces me to his mom, dad and siblings.  Sometimes I even get a hug goodbye. She is so happy that we have been able to help him.


His future is bright. 

For more information on why children may need chiropractic care check out this video.

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