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I Put People in the Hospital

Today I remembered why I wrote my blog Doc Says Don’t. Today I remembered why I am a Chiropractor.  Today I also learned of a doc that told a patient that I put people in the hospital.  Today I learned this doc tells his patients that they should only see a chiropractor a few times…

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My Doc Says Don’t

Don’t Touch My Neck Don’t let your Chiropractor touch your neck.  Now that is a big one.  Here are some more examples from the Progressive Chiropractic vault.  Let’s see, there was a big rig driver who had migraines so bad that he couldn’t see.  The big rig driver operator still drives but you can feel…

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The Golden Years or the Rusty Years

Turning Rust into Gold One of our patients is a wonderful senior woman in her 80’s from the town of Summit.  She always makes us laugh.  Several years ago she said something very profound.  “I thought these were supposed to be the golden years, they are more like the rusty years.  Ok Boney Fingers, (that…

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