Treat Asthma With Chiropractic Sessions

Some options that experts agree help with asthma symptoms are: staying out of pollution, eating right, and living in a clean environment. What we at Progressive Chiropractic would like you to know is that chiropractic care has also been shown to reduce symptoms in both kids and adults alike. Why? Because another significant reason that contributes to the onset of asthma has to do with poor spinal health and poor brain/nervous system function.

While most don’t realize the harmful effects of their poor posture, chiropractors know very well that even the slightest pressure on the delicate nerves can cause havoc elsewhere in the body, and not just manifest as pain, but issues with the function of vital organs.

Restoration type chiropractic care has shown to eliminate spinal misalignment, significantly improving how the brain and nerves work and restoring function to critical organs, including the lungs, the heart and digestive systems.

At Progressive Chiropractic our experience is that most patients with Asthma present with subluxations in the upper Thoracic spine. After a course of care the majority of patients report using rescue inhalers less and spirometry tests improving. The majority of patients under the care of a Subluxation focused chiropractor not only report an immediate end to their asthma symptoms, but more importantly feel vibrant, energized, and notice their overall health improving every day.

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